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Exchange programme

The University of Humanistic Studies warmly welcomes exchange students. The university, small and independent, has a personal atmosphere and is located in the beautiful, historic center of Utrecht. 

We offer exchange programmes for both bachelor's students and master's students. You can follow English taught courses that form part of our official bachelor's and master's programmes, focusing on broad academic development in the fields of philosophy, sociology and psychology. Classes discuss topics that relate to worldviews, existential questions and questions relating to the pursuit of a humane society. We pay considerable attention to the personal and professional development of our students. 

Please note: The exchange courses are offered in the first semester.

Bachelor's students

The Bachelor’s exchange programme is a broad, discerning and multidisciplinary programme. Two concepts play an important structuring role in the programme: Giving meaning to life, and Humanisation. For example, you will study meaning-making from a psychological perspective, and conduct research on the notion of citizenship. In each case, academic knowledge is linked to practical skills. The lectures are interactive and you’ll learn to work together in groups. The programme consists of four courses, all of which are rewarded with 7.5 ECTS and offered in the first semester:

Master's Students

The Master’s exchange programme is an interdisciplinary and practice-oriented programme that acquires insights from the social sciences and humanities. Similarly to the bachelor’s program, themes such as humanization and meaning-making play a structuring role in this program. Questions arise such as: How do globalisation processes influence a meaningful life in a humane society? What does aging well mean? and What is the social responsability of organisations?

With the help of essential writings by prominent thinkers, you’ll explore the different social debates encountered in professions such as counselling, education, organisation and research. In each case academic knowledge is linked to practical skills in a personal and interactive environment. The programme consists of six courses, all of which are rewarded with 7.5 ECTS and offered in the first semester:


Are you interested in one of the programmes or courses? Find more information about the application procedure. 

Application Procedure

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