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Research integrity

The university endorses the PDF fileNetherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity. The code is in effect since 1 October 2018.  Research started before 1 October 2018 is subject to the PDF fileNetherlands Code of Conduct for Academic Practice (version 2014)

Complaints procedure

There is a PDF filecomplaints procedure that regulates the course of action in case of a suspicion of non-compliance with the standards of the code of conduct. The complaints procedure is currently only available in .

Confidential Counsellor

The university has a confidential counsellor for research integrity who acts as the first point of contact for questions and complaints about research integrity. Yoo can contact the confidential counsellor via

Research Integrity Committee

The university, together with the Theological University of Kampen and the Theological University of Apeldoorn, has set up a joint Research Integrity Committee. Formal complaints about research integrity can be submitted to this committee by anyone. The secretary of the Protestant Theological University, mr. drs. Dominique de Boer, acts as secretary of the Committee. In the event of a complaint, the committee advises the Executive Board of the university, which then adopts a so-called initial opinion.

Complainants and defendants may ask the Netherlands Board on Research Integrity (LOWI) of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) to advise on the initial opinion of the Executive Board. In that case, the Board will include the opinion of the LOWI in its final decision. 

Submitted complaints

No complaints were submitted to the Research Integrity Committee during the period 2011-2019. In 2018, however, the university did ask the Committee for advice regarding plagiarism committed by an external PhD student. The Executive Board of the university decided to deregister the doctoral candidate. According to VSNU regulations the dossier has been published on the website of the university.