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Fulbright scholarship awarded to Simon van der Weele

Fulbright program 75th anniversary

17 juni 2021

Simon van der Weele has been selected for a Fulbright PhD Scholarship. During the festive award ceremony on June 8, 19 Dutch scholars, PhD researchers and graduate students were awarded a scholarship.

The Fulbright programme, which celebrates its 75th anniversary this year, gives American and Dutch students, scientists and teachers the opportunity to learn and work in each other's countries.  Thanks to the grant, Van der Weele will be able to work with anthropologist Veena Das at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore for three months.  Within the project at the intersection of ethics and anthropology, he will research the professional care for people with severe intellectual disabilities. His scholarship is sponsored by the publisher Elsevier.

Simon van der Weele is PhD candidate within the chair group Citizenship and Humanisation of the Public Sector of the University for Humanistic Studies. His dissertation is an empirical-philosophical project on dependency and care for people with intellectual disabitities. 

Simon van der Weele has been selected for a Fulbright PhD scholarship. This will allow him to do 3 months of research at Johns Hopkins University.