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Drs. Yke v.der Schoor

Yke v.der Schoor


English biography

Yke van der Schoor received her MA degree in Humanistic Studies from the University of Humanistic Studies and started her PhD project on social work in the city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in 2018. Her research interests include resilience, social work and community building.


Yke’s PhD project involves a case study of a four-year social work program in a disadvantaged urban area in the city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Her research focuses on the way different stakeholders (i.e. citizens, professionals, volunteers) experience social work interventions aimed at promoting community resilience. Her project is supervised by prof. dr. Anja Machielse and prof. dr. Joachim Duyndam. The project is co-funded by Stichting Humanitas and the municipality of Rotterdam.

Selection of publications

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Schoor, Y. van der & Machielse, A. (2020). De kloof overbruggen? Een onderzoek naar de schuldenaanpak van Humanitas in Feijenoord. Onderzoeksrapport. Rotterdam/Utrecht: Stichting Humanitas, UvH.


Yke teaches in three courses of the BA Humanistic Studies:

B3-HUM5: Humanisation and the Public Sector I
B3-HUM6: Humanisation and the Public Sector II
B3-BT: Bachelor Thesis

Ancillary activities

Member editorial board Journal of Social Intervention (JSI)