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Prof.dr. Gaby Jacobs

Gaby Jacobs

030-2390100 (receptie UvH)


Gaby Jacobs (1970) graduates in social psychology and women's studies at the University of Tilburg and Utrecht University and obtained her PhD in 2001 at the University for Humanistics in Utrecht on the subject of 'empowerment' in Humanistic Counseling and feminist mental healthcare (The paradox of strength and vulnerability: empowerment in feminist mental healthcare and humanistic counceling Amsterdam: SWP, 2001). She has worked as a researcher and lecturer at the University for Humanistics and at Keele University (England) and has led research projects in the broad field of care, welfare, health promotion and education, on the topics of participation and empowerment, diversity and social inclusion, values and professionalization. From 2009 to 2018 she was a professor at Fontys University of Applied Sciences, where she headed research programs on 'Professional values ​​in critical dialogue' and 'Person-centred practice in care and welfare'. She was also affiliated with the University for Humanistic Studies. In September 2018 she started here as a professor of humanistic spiritual care and chaplaincy studies for a plural society.