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Checklist arrival

Before you leave your home country you need to make arrangements for arriving and living in Utrecht. Be prepared! We have created a checklist for international students studying at the University of Humanistic Studies. This checklist will help you make sure you have prepared everything you need before you arrive in the city of Utrecht, where the university is located.

Checklist before arrival

  • Arrange accommodation
  • Make an appointment to pick up your key(s) and housing contract
  • Arrange/check your health insurance (legally required) and liability insurance (highly recommended). Bring proof of insurances
  • A valid passport or ID card for EU citizens (for at least one month after your departure from the Netherlands).
  • 2 passport photo(s)
  • Send the documents for your residence permit (if applicable)
  • Cash or cheques to cover expenses in the first week or two
  • A credit card (Visa or Mastercard) is highly recommended
  • Check with your bank about credit card and ATM use in the Netherlands
  • Read the information for exchange students on the website of the University of Humanistic studies
  • Make arrangements for travelling from the airport to Utrecht

Checklist upon arrival

  • Pick up your key(s) and housing contract
  • Pay rent and deposit
  • Visit the International office and meet your Erasmus coordinator and buddy
  • Pick up your student card from your coordinator
  • Check if you have received your university internet account details and password
  • Attend the University orientation
  • Buy a (second hand) bike (highly recommended)

When you come to the Netherlands, there are regulations and laws that will affect your stay. In order to inform you in the best possible way the Dutch government has created an application that provides you with the latest official information. 

Access is a Not-for-profit organisation supporting the international community in the Netherlands

Expat Center Utrecht is an One-stop shop for international people living in Utrecht, by the municipality of Utrecht