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Dutch educational system

In the Netherlands, there are two types of degree programmes in higher education (the so called binary system):

  • Academic and research-oriented education (called wetenschappelijk onderwijs- WO), traditionally offered by research universities. At a research university you will focus more on research-oriented work, which could be either in an academic or in a professional setting.
  • Higher professional education (called hoger beroepsonderwijs - HBO) traditionally offered by hogescholen or universities of applied sciences. At a university of applied sciences you can choose a professional programme in the applied arts and sciences, to prepare you for a specific career.

Both research universities and universities of applied sciences can award a Bachelor's or a Master's degree.

Research universities in the Netherlands

Next to fourteen comprehensive research universities there are four research universities specialized in worldview/theological studies, also called denominational universities, all largely funded by the state. The University of Humanistic Studies is one of them:

  • Protestant Theological University (Amsterdam and Groningen)
  • Theological University Apeldoorn
  • Theological University Kampen
  • University of Humanistic Studies (Utrecht)

Vistit the Study in Holland - website, for more information about the educational system in the Netherlands