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Education at the University of Humanistic Studies is personal, small-scale and varied. The programmes and courses are interdisciplinary, combining humanities and social sciences. They focus on issues relating to worldviews, the way people give meaning to life, and the way we strive for a humane society. The humanist worldview is an important source of inspiration in every course. 

The programmes also combine a wide range of academic subjects with the development of practical and professional skills such as reflection, presentation and open dialogue. Therefore, we use a variety of teaching methods. The different programmes require students to have an open mind, a wide range of knowledge and sharp analytical skills. Students should be able to develop their own point of view and to critically evaluate this in the course of their studies.

Our academic programmes are accredited by the  NVAO, the Accreditation Organization of the Netherlands and Flanders, and highly rated by our students. (See quality assurance.)

The University of Humanistic Studies offers you

  • An academic community where you receive personal attention and guidance during your education;
  • The opportunity to learn to think critically, express your own opinions, participate in discussions and develop reflective and communicative skills;
  • The opportunity to learn, grow and flourish in a thriving academic environment, where critical questions of a moral and philosophical nature are not avoided;
  • Learning based on an interdisciplinary approach where courses are offered in small groups to promote the intensive exchange of ideas between students and teachers;
  • An easily approachable academic staff that has high expectations of its students, but also offers ample opportunities to students to develop their own views and talents.

Internationalisation at home and abroad

We want to promote global citizenship of our students and teachers and to be able to carry out the university's international mission through them. Encouraging the inbound and outbound mobility of students and teachers and entering into more international partnerships serves this purpose. To this end, the University of Humanistic Studies participates in the Erasmus+ programme.

Furthermore, the University of Humanistic Studies is a long-term participant in the Erasmus+ programme Education for Democratic Intercultural Citizenship, as described in our Programmes and courses menu.

In the Graduate School, the University of Humanistic Studies promotes the internationalisation of its doctoral education by considering applications from international participants and by teaching in English.