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Our research

Research at the University of Humanistic Studies is inspired by the worldviews and traditions of humanism.  The central question is: How do we optimise opportunities for people to live a dignified and meaningful life in a just and caring society? 

Research programme

Our research programme explores this question in three interrelated themes:

  • Humanism
  • Meaningful living
  • A just and caring society

Read more about the research programme, its themes and examples of  research projects. Furthermore you can find information about research integrity and external review.

Chair groups

The research programme is executed by 5 groups concerned with teaching and research at the University of Humanistic Studies. Each group is headed by a chair holder. These are our chair groups:

The university also has various endowed chairs which are funded by a third party and personal chairs to stimulate education or research in a subject area.

PhD research

PhD research at the University of Humanistic Studies can be done in two ways: as an external PhD student or as an employee. Our graduate school offers a four to five year PhD programme with a special focus on supporting research in and around professional practices. 


You can read about our research in various types of publications:

  • academic publications
  • publications for professionals and a wider audience
  • dissertations 


Looking for expertise, publications and contact information of individual researchers? Find an employee.