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Symposium “What’s to be Repaired?” with lecture by Nicole Immler (23, 24 June)

Mask and text What`s to be repaired?

9 June 2022

The symposium “What’s to be Repaired? Postcolonial Justice in Postcolonial Europe” will be held on June 23-24, 2022. This two-day event organised by Utrecht University brings together interdisciplinary academics, experts, and activists. They will discuss postcolonial reparations as a strategy for fighting postcolonial inequalities, combating structural racism, and decolonising societies in Western Europe.

Nicole Immler on dialogics of justice

As part of this symposium, Professor Nicole Immler of the University of Humanistic Studies will deliver the lecture How to recognize Dutch colonial injustice? A dialogics of justice approach on 23 June (14.00-15.00 hrs, Utrecht University Academiegebouw). 

In the NWO-funded research project Dialogics of Justice, Immler and an interdisciplinary team investigate how recognition and repair processes work out in various civil lawsuits against a wide range of institutions. They aim for more in-depth knowledge of how accountability is sought for past (or ongoing) transgressions. Through this knowledge they hope to contribute to making recognition and reparation procedures more effective and transformative.

African Futures Action Lab

The symposium takes place 20 years after the Durban Conference, which was one of the first instances where the countries of the Global North were asked to address and repair the legacy of transatlantic slave trade and of their colonial history. The symposium will also host the European launch of the African Futures Action Lab. This is a newly founded platform for knowledge and policy development committed to strengthening racial justice movements across Africa, Europe and the Americas.

More information and programme:

The symposium on postcolonial justice will be held in Utrecht on June 23-24, 2022 with Prof Nicole Immler as one of the speakers.