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Menno Hurenkamp is appointed as full professor of Democracy

April 3, 2023

"Democracy must be reinvented permanently."

The Executive Board of the University of Humanistic Studies has appointed Dr. Menno Hurenkamp as full professor of Democracy. The appointment is effective April 3, 2023. The focus of the new chair is on stimulating the impact on society of reseach and education that is conducted at the University of Humanistic Studies.

Profesor Hurenkamp on the new chair: "The story about democracy is a story that needs to be told over and over again. It is by far the best form of society, but it fails time and again. Democracy must be permanently reinvented; it is human work in progress. I look forward to increasing the University of Humanistic Studies' social impact in this socially highly relevant theme and in other areas."

Focus on impact in society

In his new position, in addition to teaching and conducting research, profesor Hurenkamp will contribute to strengthening UvH's social profile. He will establish his own program and strengthen and bring together existing UvH programs to promote impact in society. "The University of Humanistic Studies wants to contribute to a humane and meaningful society. This chair fits perfectly with that and will strengthen the university's interaction with society," profesor Joke van Saane, rector of the University for Humanistic Studies, said. "What makes this special is that this is the first chair in which more space is deliberately created for impact on society in relation to education and research. This suits a socially engaged university and is in line with the ambitions of the national program Recognition and Rewards."

About Menno Hurenkamp

Profesor Menno Hurenkamp is a political scientist and affiliated with the University of Humanistic Studies since 2018, where he was also coordinator of the new master's program Citizenship, Professionalism and Civil Society. He previously taught political science at the University of Amsterdam, among other things, was editor-in-chief of the monthly journal Socialisme en Democratie, interim director of the Wiardi Beckman Foundation, editor-in-chief of the Tijdschrift voor Sociale Vraagstukken and columnist for the Groene Amsterdammer. Menno wrote and edited more than twenty books on society, democracy and politics.

Het College van Bestuur van de Universiteit voor Humanistiek heeft dr. Menno Hurenkamp benoemd tot hoogleraar Democratie als mensenwerk. De benoeming gaat in per 3 april 2023. De focus van de nieuwe leerstoel ligt op het stimuleren van impact van UvH onderzoek en onderwijs op de samenleving.