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Marieke van den Doel presents new book on 15th century humanist Ficino

Symposium Visual Humanisms en boek Ficino & Fantasy

1 November 2022

On 20 and 21 October, the international conference 'Visual Humanisms' took place in Florence, organized by the Dutch University Institute for Art History (NIKI) in collaboration with the University of Humanistic Studies. The conference focused on the role of artists in bringing about the ideals of Renaissance humanism.

Speakers at the conference were Kocku von Stuckrad, Sergius Kodera, Ingrid Rowland, Valery Rees, Suzanna de Beer, Han Lamers, Matthijs Jonker. Joost Keizer, Elsje van Kessel, Gert Jan van der Sman, Jacomien Prins, Marieke van den Doel, Joachim Duyndam and Anja Machielse. Read more in the brochure (pdf).

Ficino and Fantasy

At this event, researcher Marieke van den Doel presented her book Ficino and Fantasy; Imagination in Renaissance Art and Theory from Botticelli to Michelangelo. Starting point is the question: did the Florentine humanist and philosopher Marsilio Ficino (1433-1499) influence the art of his time? Read more about her research.

The book was published by Brill in the Aries Book Series. 

On 20 and 21 October the conference 'Visual Humanisms' took place in Florence. Marieke van den Doel presented her book 'Ficino and Fantasy'.