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Events in mei 2023

Book presentation 'Silence, Wonder, and Human Flourishing' van Carlo Leget

10 May 2023

Wonder, Silence, and Human Flourishing: Toward a Rehumanization of Health, Education, and Welfare approaches humanization and the process of re- enchantment in a radical new way. For more than a decade the call for...

Defense PhD thesis Mirjam Stroetinga

23 May 2023

Mirjam Stroetinga defends her PhD thesis Teachers’ Collaboration with Parents. On Upbringing in Primary Education.Promotor prof.dr. Wiel Veugelers

Anthony Pinn delivers the Socrates Lecture

23 May 2023

This year the Dutch humanist organization Humanist Verbond is organizing the Socrates Lecture together with the University of Humanistic Studies. The lecture will be given by American professor and humanistic thinker...

Opening exposition 'the multivoiced colonial past of the Kromme Nieuwegracht'

24 May 2023

We open the exposition 'the multivoiced colonial past of the Kromme Nieuwegracht' this wednesday at 14.30 at our library. A project that is part of the larger  project 'Colonialism in the walls of the...

Lecture Janelle Taylor: 'Dementia at the Ragged Edges of Family and the State'

25 May 2023

Janelle Taylor, professor of anthropology at the University of Toronto, is specialised in care and various aspects of dementia. In May, she visits the University of Humanistic Studies. Her visit should be particularly...