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My Humanism #1

The first edition of Mijn Humanisme ('My Humanism'). In a canteen transformed into a café, a speaker will tell how humanism inspires that person in daily life and in important life choices. The speaker will end with a stimulating question that the audience will then discuss in small groups during the second part of the meeting.

Expect a fun, interactive and in-depth meeting where students, staff, alumni and other interested parties will discuss their philosophy of life over a drink. 

The first speaker will be Olivier van Donk, alumnus and lecturer at UvH.

Will you be there? Register (for free) via this link (in Dutch) to ensure yourself a place.  

Contact person Olivier van Donk,
Location UvH
Date 23-5-2024
Opening hours 19.30 – 21.00 hrs
Accessibility for the disabled Yes, but please contact the organisation in advance.