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Prof. dr. Patrick Nullens

Patrick Nullens

Bijzondere leerstoel voor ethisch leiderschap en menswaardige samenleving
Endowed chair Leadership Ethics and Humanisation of Society.

English biography

The special chair is funded by the Goldschmeding Foundation for People, Work and the Economy. This Dutch Foundation works towards an inclusive and sustainable society based on the conviction that a better world is created when people serve each other's interests. To this end, the foundation supports innovative practical projects and excellent scientific research within the themes of the Inclusive Labour Market, the Circular Economy and the Humane Economy.

The University for Humanistics in Utrecht is establishing (Sept. 2020) a  chair in leadership ethics and humane economics. In doing so, it responds to a widely felt need. In a society that is mainly focused on efficiency, profit maximization, pragmatic solutions and short-term success, this chair aims to contribute to an alternative leadership model and the development of a people-oriented organizational culture and economy.

Patrick Nullens is a theologian and ethicist specializing in leadership ethics. He is one of the co-founders of the Institute for Leadership and Social Ethics of the Evangelical Theological Faculty in Leuven, a Belgian university of which he was also rector for many years.

Through the chair, the professor wants to focus on the development of an alternative leadership model, for the benefit of a people-oriented organizational culture and economy. Central is authentic leadership and the ethics of responsibility. 

Selection of publications

International academic
 Patrick Nullens, “From Spirituality to Responsible Leadership: Ignatian Discernment and Theory-U.” In Leading in a VUCA-World: Integrating Leadership, Discernment and Spirituality, edited by Jacobus (Kobus) Kok and Steven C. van den Heuvel. Contributions to Management Science. Cham: Springer, 

Patrick Nullens, “Hope as the Prudent Art of Potentialities: Its Significance for a Christian Economics of Human Flourishing”, Philosophia Reformata 83 (2018): 1-23.
Patrick Nullens,“Luther and Bonhoeffer on the social ethical meaning of justification by faith alone.” International Review of Economics (2019), 66.3, 277-291 
Patrick Nullens, Steven van den Heuvel and Angela Roothaan, Theological Ethics and Moral Value Phenomena, The Experience of Values. London, New York: Routledge, 2018. 
Patrick Nullens, Steven van den Heuvel, Driven by Hope, Economics and Theology in Dialogue. - Christian Perspectives on Leadership and Social Ethics, vol. 6;  Leuven, Paris, Walpole: Peeters Publishers, 2018.
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Patrick Nullens,  "Towards a Spirituality of Public Leadership: Engaging Dietrich Bonhoeffer." International Journal of Public Theology 7 (2013), 91–113.
Patrick Nullens & Ron Michener. The Matrix of Christian Ethics. Integrating Philosophy and Moral Theology in a Postmodern Context.  Downers Grove Ill.: Inter Varsity Press, 2010, 266pp.

Patrick Nullens, “Eén in levenswandel? – Handvaten voor een gesprek over gevoelige ethische kwesties” in H.A. Speelman en K. van der Zwaag (red.) Spirituele oecumene. Over de vele vormen van onze gezamenlijke en persoonlijke omgang met God. Kampen: Summum Academic Publications, 2019, 404-414.
Patrick Nullens, “Hoop als kunst van het mogelijke” Christen Democratische Verkenningen, (Winter 2016), 42-49.
Patrick Nullens, “Economische Deugden” in: Emoties als drijfveer - Geluk, Hoop & Liefde in de economie, Dossier Economische Statistische Berichten (September, 2016):13-18
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Patrick Nullens, “Het Ware, Goede en Mooie. Een Hermeneutische Ethiek van Verantwoordelijkheid Geïnspireerd door Hans Georg Gadamers ‘Waarheid en Methode’.” Radix 41, no. 2 (2015): 126–37.
Patrick Nullens, Slim omgaan met Ethische dilemma’s. Een hermeneutisch model.” In M&O Tijdschrift voor Management en Organisatie 68.5/6 (2014) 91-107.

selection of publications

Ancillary activities

Hoogleraar Systematische Theologie aan de Evangelische Theologische Faculteit, Leuven (B)
Founder and Chairman, Institute of Leadership and Social Ethics, Leuven (B)
Member of International Leadership Association (ILA)