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Dr. Vivianne Baur

Vivianne Baur

Universitair Docent binnen de (pre)master Zorgethiek en Beleid
Coördinator Premaster Zorgethiek en Beleid

Assistant Professor Care Ethics


My personal concern and research ambition is related to the subject of emotional vulnerability and strength of caregivers, within the context of care relationships. In transformative research projects I will pay attention to at least the following challenges:

  • The role and place of 'difficult' emotions and shadows in the care relationship
  • Embodied experience of caregivers and researchers
  • Developing moral sensitivity, preventing burnout, strengthening moral courage, processes of meaning and fulfillment in the caregiver's work
  • Insight in institutional and contextual factors which may hamper or foster caregiver's resilience
  • Connecting care ethical theory on care relationships to new 'instruments' to support self-reflection and moral sensitivity of caregivers 

Selection of publications

a) Proefschrift

Baur, V.E. (2012). Participation & Partnership. Developing the influence of older people in residential care homes.'s-Hertogenbosch: Uitgeverij BOXPress.

b) Internationale publicaties

Baur, V. E., Nistelrooij van, A.A.M., I., Vanlaere, L. (2017). The sensible health care professional: a care ethical perspective on the role of caregivers in emotionally turbulent practices. Medicine, Helath Care and Philosophy, DOI: 10.1007/s11019-017-9770-5
Abma, T.A. & Baur, V.E. (2014). User involvement in long-term care. Towards a relational care-ethics approach. Health Expectations, doi: 10.1111/hex.12202.
Boelsma, F., Baur, V.E., Woelders, S., Abma, T.A. (2014). "Small" things matter. Residents' involvement in practice improvements in long-term care facilities. Journal of Aging Studies, 31, 45-53.
Jansen, E., Baur, V.E., De Wit, M., Wilbrink, N., Abma. T.A. (2014). Co-designing collaboration: Using a partnership framework for shared policymaking in geriatric networks. Action Research, accepted for publication November 2014.
Baur, V.E., Abma,T.A., Boelsma, F., Woelders, S.(2013). Pioneering partnerships. Resident involvement from multiple perspectives. Journal of Aging Studies, 27, 358-367.
Bindels, J., Baur, V.E., Cox, K., Heijng, S., Abma, T.A. (2013). Older people as co-researchers: a collaborative journey. Ageing & Society, DOI: 10.1017/S0144686X12001298, p. 1-23.
Baur, V.E. & Abma, T.A. (2012). 'The Taste Buddies': Participation and empowerment in a residential care home.Ageing & Society, 32(6): 1055-1078.
Baur, V.E., Abma, T.A. & Baart, I. (2012). 'I stand alone.'An ethnodrama about the (dis)connections between a client and professionals in a residential care home. Health Care Analysis, DOI 10.1007/s10728-012-0203-6.
Abma, T.A. & Baur, V.E. (2012). Seeking connections, creating movement: The power of altruistic action. Health Care Analysis, DOI 10.1007/s10728-012-0222-3
Baur, V.E. & Abma, T.A. (2011). Resident councils between lifeworld and system. Is there room for communicative action? Journal of Aging Studies, 25, 390-396.
Baur, V.E., Abma, T.A., & Widdershoven, G.A.M. (2010). Participation of marginalized groups in evaluation: mission impossible? Evaluation & Program Planning, 33 (3), 238-245.
Baur, V.E. (2010). Book review. D.M. Mertens. Transformative research and evaluation. Evaluation & Program Planning, 33 (3), 276-277.
Baur, V.E., Elteren of, A.H.J., Nierse, C.J. & Abma, T.A. (2010). Dealing with distrust and power dynamics. Asymmetric Relations Between stakeholders in evaluation. Evaluation, 16 (3), 233-248.
Baur, V.E. & Abma, T.A. (2014). Responsive evaluation in practice: dealing with asymmetric relations between stakeholders. In Goodyear, L.. et al (eds.). (Forthcoming 2014). Qualitative Inquiry in Evaluation: From Theory to Practice- Research Methods for the Social Sciences.
Abma, T.A., Baur, V.E., Molewijk, A.C. & Widdershoven, G.A.M. (2010). Inter-ethics. Towards an interactive and interdependent bioethics. Bioethics, 24 (5), 242-255. 

c) Nederlandstalige publicaties

Baur, V.E. & Abma, T.A. (2013). Participatie met de P van Partnerschap: empowerment in ouderenzorginstellingen. In C.Dedding & M. Slager (Red.) De rafels van participatie in de gezondheidszorg. Den Haag: Boom Lemma, p. 74-86.
Baur, V.E. & Abma, T.A. (2010). Relationeel empowerment door dialoog. Cliëntenraden en managers in de ouderenzorg. In Schuiling, G., Vermaak, H. & Tours, H. (Eds.) Leren door dialoog. Als leren het antwoord is, wat is dan de vraag? Kluwer, p.285-303.
Baur, V.E. & Abma, T.A. (2010). Relationeel empowerment door dialoog. Cliëntenraden en managers in de ouderenzorg. In Abma, TA, Fish, M., Molewijk, B. & Widder, G. (Ed.) Reflection and Participation in Health Care. Den Haag: Boom Lemma Publishers, p.209-225.  
Baur, V., Abma, T., Bausler, E., Claessens, G., Rassin, A., ‘Kletsen over anderen ontaardt snel in pesten’. De Volkskrant, 20 August 2010.
Baur, V., Abma, T., Bausler, E., Claessens, G., Rassin, A., ‘Zorgtehuis geen school’. Dagblad De Limburger, 24 August 2010.
Baur, V.E. & Abma, T.A. (2009). Samen aan de slag met medezeggenschap. Zorgvisie Nieuwsbrief, number 30/31, July 24, 2009.
Baur, V.E., Abma, T.A. & Widder, G.A.M. (2007). Cliëntenraad meer dan klachtenclub? Geron, Volume 9 (3), p.57-60.

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ZEB-40 Theorieën van zorgethisch onderzoek
ZEB- 60 Veldonderzoek
PM -50B Research seminar premaster
PM- 60B Premasterthesis 
ZEB-51 Actualiteitencollege: zorgethisch analyseren
ZEB-70 Afstudeeronderzoek master Zorgethiek en Beleid