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Dr Hanne Laceulle

Hanne Laceulle

Universitair docent 'Filosofie van Levensloop en Levenskunst'



English biography

Hanne Laceulle's research interests broadly include ethics, aging and identity, addressing topics like self-realization, narrative and moral identity, moral agency, autonomy, authenticity, virtue, dignity and meaning in life. In 2016, she obtained her PhD (cum laude) with a dissertation titled Becoming who you are. Aging, self-realization and cultural narratives about later life. She is particularly interested in how socio-cultural influences such as dominant cultural narratives impact our identity constitution and influence our chances of leading a good life. She is particularly committed to seeking interdisciplinary cooperation in the study of these and other topics. 


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Selection of publications

Derkx, P. & Laceulle, H. (accepted). Humanism and ageing. In: T. Pinn (ed.). The Oxford Handbook of Humanism.

Swinnen, A. & Laceulle, H. (2019). One must take it as it comes. A virtue-ethical approach to the exemplary life-practices of centenarians. In: N. Casado-Gual, E. Dominguez-Rué & M. Oró-Piqueras (eds). Re-discovering Age(ing). Narratives of Mentorship. Bielefeld: Transcript Verlag. 

Laceulle, H. (2018). Aging and self-realization. Cultural narratives about later life.            Bielefeld: Transcript. (Book version of dissertation)

Pickard, S., Cluley, V., Danely, J., Laceulle, H., Leon-Salas, J., Vanhoutte, B. & R. Romero-Ortuno (2019). New horizons in frailty: the contingent, the existential and the clinical. Age & Ageing

Laceulle, H. (2017a). Virtuous aging and existential vulnerability. Journal of aging studies 43, 1-8.

Laceulle, H. (2017b). Aging and the ethics of authenticity. Gerontologist, Vol. 00, No. 00, 1–9.

Laceulle, H. & Baars, J. (2014). Self-realization and cultural narratives about later life. Journal of aging studies 31, 34-44.

Laceulle, H. (2011). Laatmodern ouder worden: een spiritueel perspectief. In Derkx, P., Maas, A. & Machielse, A., Goed ouder worden. Amsterdam: SWP.
Laceulle, H. (2013). Self-realization and ageing: a spiritual perspective. In Baars, J., J. Dohmen, A. Grenier & C. Phillipson (eds.), Ageing, meaning and social structure: Connecting critical and humanistic gerontology. Bristol: Policy Press

Laceulle, H. (2010), 'Menno ter Braak als voorbeeldfiguur voor een kritisch humanisme?', In: Alma, H. en A. Smaling (red.), Waarvoor je leeft. Studies naar humanistische bronnen van zin (Amsterdam: Uitgeverij SWP) (Humanistics University Press)

Laceulle, H. (2009), Ouder worden: een nieuw perspectief? Gerotranscendentie, levensbeschouwelijke ontwikkeling en geestelijke verzorging Masterscriptie Universiteit voor Humanistiek (Utrecht: Universiteit voor Humanistiek)

Laceulle, H. (2007), Het ambt van de geestelijk verzorger: thuisbasis of heilig huisje? Onderzoeksrapport in opdracht van Universiteit voor Humanistiek/Humanistisch Verbond. Te raadplegen via:

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B2-ONDZ5: Filosofisch onderzoek
M1-HUM2: Traditions in Humanism II
Bachelorscripties examinator
Begeleiding Masterscripties 

Ancillary activities

Member Humanities & Arts Advisory Panel Gerontological Society of America
Member Advisory Board European Network in Ageing Studies