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Neha Miglani

Neha Miglani

Assistant Professor


I am a sociologist of education with interests in well-being, technology, and public pedagogies. 

Prior to joining the UvH, I worked as an Assistant Professor at Florida State University, and earned my PhD at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles.


My most recent project focuses on how well-being in contemporary cultures becomes an 'educational' concern. Using ethnographic methods, I map the globally circulating discourses, and investigate embodied pedagogies of well-being in multiple sites, such as public schools, and yoga studios. 

My work on educational technology investigates the values, institutions and symbols that undergird its increasing uptake in schools. I map the institutional landscape, the technocratic imaginaries, and the evolving role of teachers in these interventions. 

I am also interested in the intersection of technology and well-being. Given the widespread use of technologies for well-being and their interface with human bodies (e.g., mobile apps, wearable bands, devices that monitor moods, heart rate etcetera), I am interested in the (im)possibilities of flourishing, care, and inclusion created via digital mediums.