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MSc. Naomi Ormskerk

Naomi Ormskerk

PhD candidate


Naomi Ormskerk is a PhD candidate at the UvH and works within the research project 'Dialogics of Justice'. The project is led by Prof. dr. Nicole Immler and it studies recognition of historical injustices from an interdisciplinary perspective. Naomi's focus is on 'the Catholic Church'.

Naomi studied Health Care Psychology (MA), with a focus on the forensic field, and Clinical Psychology (BA). Previously, she worked as a Criminology lecturer at Leiden University and VU Amsterdam and as a researcher, focusing on systemic effects of addiction and on both victims and perpetrators within, amongst others, closed institutional settings operated by the state (such as prisons).

As an affiliate researcher, Naomi is connected to the victimology group of NSCR (VU University), cost-action cultural victimology (Leiden University), and the Knowledge Network Victimology in The Netherlands (ViNe).