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Merel Visse

Merel Visse

Associate Professor


Merel Visse's work focuses on moral creativity in a caring society. Her approach to care, morality and creativity is not instrumental - a means to an end - but a way of being that is central to our humanity. Care is difficult to grasp, but we all know its presence or absence. 
Merel works from the thought that attentiveness to what dwells outside our conceptions and maybe even language, can offer us another approach to the challenges we face in the humanities, our institutions and society. She works with artistic modes of inquiry to understand moral dimensions of care and to develop 'care imaginaries'.

Her work is a fusion of language, drawing, painting and installation. It results in conversations, (scholarly) publications, talks, workshops, projects and exhibitions.


Please visit for an overview of Merel's publications, talks, workshops and research projects.

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