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Dr. Joanna Wojtkowiak

Joanna Wojtkowiak

Assistant Professor of Psychological aspects of existential care


Joanna Wojtkowiak has a background in cultural psychology (MSc) and a PhD in Religious Studies (both obtained at the Radboud University Nijmegen). She worked at the VU medical center on a research project on care ethics in decision-making at the end of life. Since 2012 she is working as researcher and lecturer at the University of Humanistic Studies at the department of Humanist Chaplaincy Studies. Her research focuses on rituals, meaning making and chaplaincy/ spiritual care from multidisciplinary perspectives, such as religious studies, cultural psychology, anthropology and philosophy. 


  • emerging rituals in plural society
  • rituals in chaplaincy and spiritual care
  • ritual design and methods for ritual making
  • birth and death as transitional experiences
  • natality, mortality and meaning in life
  • cultural aspects of meaning making
  • embodied and pluralistic spirituality 
  • Ancillary activities

    Reviewer journals, o.a. Social Science and Medicine, Death Studies, PLOS one, International Journal for the Psychology of Religion, European Journal for Psychotraumatology, Journal of Constructivist Psychology, Journal of Palliative Medicine

    Board member/Chair IRILIS - Institute for Ritual and Liturgical Studies (PThU)