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drs. Bram van Boxtel


Juniorlecturer / Dissertational Student


Studied Bachelor and Master Humanistic Studies at The UvH (2012-2019) and Philosophy at the University of Amsterdam (2018-2019).


As a doctoral student, I use Hartmut Rosa's theory of resonance as a framework to think through the humanist account of subjectivity. In doing so, I engage with a broad range of philosophers that engage with responsive relationships to alterity: from the existential-phenomenology of Arendt and Levinas, to more contemporary work done on the diacritical hermeneutics of Kearney and Nancy's deconstruction.


Scientific Publications:
Boxtel, B., de Groot, I., Ten Kate, L., Suarez-Muller, F. (2023). Towards an Existential-Phenomenological Account of Plurality: Resonance as Responsive Relationity. Religions14(3) (Forthcoming)

Popular Publications:
Te snel voor God? Waarom Theologen Rosa Moeten Lezen.

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