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Advisory group

Our university installed an advisory group on Diversity & Inclusion since January 2021, led by Dr. Caroline Suransky, with the task of writing an advice on decisions to be taken and policies to be developed to implement the strategic goal of "increasing diversity and strengthening the inclusive organisation". When approved, the recommendations are implemented with budget allocation by the chairpersons and directors.

Confidentiality officer

The University for Humanistic Studies has a confidentiality officer for labor issues, inappropriate behavior and abuse, to whom employees can go to discuss or pose questions about private matters that affect personal performance or circumstances within the job or at work.

Appointment committee

We ensure that in all appointment and promotion procedures, the requirement of a sufficiently diverse appointment committee is met.

Recruitment and selection process

Our university also ensures that the recruitment and selection process is inclusive and does justice to diversity in terms of gender, ethnicity and people with disabilities.

How is gender equality and diversity organised within in University for Humanistic Studies?