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The University of Humanistic Studies:

  • installed a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Steering Committee since September 2022, led by Dr. Caroline Suransky, tasked with developing policy proposals to the Executive Board to implement the strategic goal of "increasing diversity and strengthening the inclusive organization." Once approved, the proposals will be implemented with budget allocation by the chairpersons and directors; 

  • installed a fund for student or staff activities in the field of DEI, for which two applications were honored in 2023. Two applications were also honored in the program for guest lecturers and (pilot) course initiatives in the DEI field;

  • initiates conversations with internship coordinators about discrimination in internships, and with student advisors about issues surrounding first-generation students; 

  • provides a Personnel Confidential Advisor, Inappropriate Conduct and Abuse, to whom employees can go who want to talk or have questions about private matters affecting personal performance or circumstances within the position or at work; 

  • provides an Ombuds Officer, who in response to complaints from employees or students or on his own initiative investigates whether an organizational unit, employee or student of the educational institution has behaved or is behaving properly in a particular matter;

  • ensures that in all appointment and promotion procedures the requirement for a sufficiently diverse appointment committee is met; the HR advisor has attended an inclusive recruitment course in 2023, the knowledge of which she can immediately apply to current and future procedures. 

  • ensures that the recruitment and selection process is inclusive and does justice to diversity in terms of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and people with disabilities. New in 2023 leadership training for executives including attention to gender issues.

How is gender equality and diversity organised within in University for Humanistic Studies?