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Humanism and Philosophy

EU4TRANSITION: European University for Transition (completed)

  • Start: November 2020  
  • End: September 2023  
  • Status: completed

This European research project centres on a new type of university (the university of the future) where life philosophy and ecology are core themes. The goal is to stimulate interdisciplinary research and education, with theory and practice closely intertwined. 


This project aims to develop a holistic and humanistic curriculum for transition universities in Europe. The modules will also be offered as extramural training programmes to volunteers, professionals, managers and policy makers. 

Fernando Suárez Müller (University of Humanistic Studies) is responsible for the conceptual studies  into the life-philosophical aspects of the transition university. 


  • Prof. Cécile Renouard
  • Dr. Fernando Suárez Müller
  • Dr. Pierre-Jean Cottalorda
  • Dr. Cagri Bulut
  • Dr. Amparo de Diego
  • Dr. Lisa Puusepp
  • Dr. Estela Díaz
  • Dr. Caroline Suransky
  • and others


  • Campus de la transition, Forges (Paris), France
  • University of Humanistic Studies (Utrecht), Netherlands
  • Essec Business School, Cergy (Paris), France - coordinator
  • Arterra University, Artieda (Navarra), Spain
  • Comillas Pontifical University, Madrid (Spain)
  • Gaia Academy, Tallinn, Estonia
  • Yasar University, Izmir, Turkey
  • WWF


This project is funded by the European Commission through the programme Key Action 2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices. 


  • Teaching guide on innovative pedagogy for transition studies
  • Course material on systemic elements on ecological and social transition
  • A Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) on transformative pedagogies for an ecological and social transition

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Dr. Fernando Suárez Müller,

This European research project is aimed at a new type of university in which philosophy of life and ecology are central. The aim is to stimulate interdisciplinary research and teaching.