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Workplace Education Research Utrecht (pilot + follow-up)

  • Duration of pilot: 2016-2018
  • Start follow-up: September 2018
  • Status: ongoing

Following the two-year pilot, the Workplace Education Research Utrecht (WOU) has received a one-year grant from the Netherlands Initiative for Education Research (Nationaal Regieorgaan Onderwijsonderzoek, NRO) to further develop the workplace. The organisations involved have chosen to continue the project for another two years, using own resources.


The goal of the project is to create a sustainable research culture in primary education in Utrecht. Nineteen schools belonging to the three major Utrecht school boards are participating, as well as two teacher training programmes for primary education (HU Utrecht and Marnix Academie), HKU Utrecht School of the Arts, Utrecht University, and the University of Humanistic Studies. The project includes a special role for the ‘broker’: a motivator employed in a school with affinity for scientific research and preferably holding an MA degree. 

The broker and team of teacher-researchers are supported by a researcher from one of the knowledge institutes. Together they formulated a research question that suits the school’s own development. The University of Humanist Studies is involved in (among other things) developing a civic education programme for schools.

The team of teacher-researchers who will engage in field research is referred to as the WOU team. With the support of a researcher from one of the knowledge institutes, the WOU teams formulate a research question that suits their respective school’s own development. The research themes chosen by the different teams show a fruitful diversity. For instance: how to develop 21st-century skills; how to integrate science and technology education in the current curriculum; how to foster creative thinking and curiosity; and many more.


In Utrecht and in Amsterdam, a group of school boards in primary education, academic universities and universities of applied sciences received a grant through the Netherlands Initiative for Education Research (NRO) to conduct a ‘workplace educational research’. The grant was used to run a two-year pilot project dedicated to developing a structural and sustainable connection between education, education development and education research. This pilot with ‘workplaces educational research’ is a joint initiative by the PO-Raad (national sector organisation for primary education) and the NRO.



Three prominent Utrecht school boards (KSU, PCOU and SPO), 5 knowledge institutes (Utrecht University, University of Humanistic Studies, Marnix Academie, HKU and HU).


Netherlands Initiative for Education Research (NRO)

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Isolde de Groot,

After the pilot, the Workplace Education Research Utrecht will continue the project for two years. In this project, Utrecht schools and knowledge institutions will build a structural, sustainable connection between education, educational development and research.