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Carla Kolner

Carla Kolner (53), senior advisor in the DSP group, the institute for policy research and innovation

'After 25 years of work experience in the field of sport, welfare and public health, I was faced with a massive change in the field of health care and social provisions. Professionals from municipalities and related organizations have to deal with complex and ambiguous questions in the social domain nowadays. So I started looking for the new answers to the rising questions as well.

It was a long time ago since I completed my university education - Master in Health science, and Culture, Organization and Management (prop). That is why I decided to refresh and extend my education. At the LESI institute (2010 - 2011), I met prof dr. Harry Kunneman. He inspired me to continue my study. Since 2014 I am working on the thesis ‘The complexity of multidisciplinary cooperation in the triangle of local authority, social welfare- and (health-) care-systems in neighborhoods’.

Since last year I am able to combine work and research, which is very beneficial for both domains in my life. Of course it is still a daily challenge to find the time and peace of mind  in order to make progress in my research, next to a busy job, a family and social life. But I can really recommend this inspiring combination, i.e. working and studying at the same time. It adds quality to my work and enriches my life.'

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Senior advisor in the DSP group, the institute for policy research and innovation