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Webinar series: Crisis rituals - Rituals in crisis

17 May 2021

Rituals are deeply rooted in the context in which they take place. Social changes, such as the current Corona restrictions, cause rituals to be adapted, postponed or improvised on a large scale. Physical gatherings are severely restricted and new alternatives are emerging. Online services and celebrations, funerals with little audience and participants who are not allowed to hug or get close to each other. Especially collective rituals that form a source of comfort and community at difficult moments are now largely absent or held at a distance and in small groups. 

What is the impact of these restrictions and adaptations on rituals? Which rituals cannot be postponed? What is sacred in ritual and should not be adapted? What are the limits of ritual creativity?

In this webinar series we will discuss with academics, policy makers and professionals the possibilities and limitations of crisis rituals and rituals in crisis, in order to offer tools for crisis rituals from different disciplines. The series is realised in cooperation with the PthU and Irilis, the Institute for Ritual and Liturgical Studies.


The webinars will take place on 8 June, 22 June and 6 July. Please note: only some of the webinars (for academics) are in English.

8 June:

  • Rituele creativiteit tijdens de crisis
  • Re-inventing rituals in care during crisis

22 June

  • Vieren tijdens Covid-19
  • Sacramental worship during the Covid-pandemic
6 July

  • Het einde van Corona? Herdenken in de publieke ruimte na een langdurige ramp

You can find the full webinar programme on the website of PthU.

Fees and registration

Tickets for this webinar are € 15 (per person, per webinar). You can register several people at a time on the PthU website. If you want to attend several webinars, please order separate tickets for each webinar. The day before the webinar, you will receive a confirmation email from us containing a link to the zoom session.

In this webinar series we will discuss crisis rituals and rituals in crisis with academics, policy makers and professionals.