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Inaugural lecture by Menno Hurenkamp

On Friday 12 April at 15.30, Prof Menno Hurenkamp will hold his inaugural address at De Leeuwenbergh, Utrecht.

Upon accepting the chair 'Democracy', Menno Hurenkamp will deliver his inaugural address entitled Valse vrienden? Democratiearmoede en wat eraan te doen ('False friends? Democracy poverty and what to do about it'). The topic is the doubt about democracy, which has always existed but has become explicitly evident again in recent years. From all corners, people claim to be saving democracy, but meanwhile they saw away the chair legs under the rights of others. What to do with these false friends?

There will be a reception after the oration.   

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Contact person Pedel Yamit Gutman
Location De Leeuwenbergh, Servaasbolwerk 1a, Utrecht
Date 12-4-2024
Opening hours Starts promptly at 3:30 p.m.