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Prof. dr. Margo Trappenburg

Margo Trappenburg

Bijzonder hoogleraar Grondslagen van het maatschappelijk werk


030 2538101



Bijlhouwerstraat 6
3511 ZC

English biography

Margo Trappenburg studied political science at Leiden University. She defended her thesis, about debates on ethical issues in the Netherlands, in 1993. Since 2000 Trappenburg is associate professor at the Utrecht School of Governance. From 2004-2008 she held a special professorship at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, on the role of patients in health care politics. From 2008-2013 she held another special professorship at the University of Amsterdam, where she studied recent developments in the welfare state. Since October 2014 Trappenburg holds a part time endowed chair at the University of Humanistic Studies in Utrecht, where she studies social work and public professionalism. Trappenburg’s research interests include: welfare state policy, professional ethics, health care politics and contemporary political philosophy.


Trappenburg's current research interests include changes in the welfare state (from active to passive solidarity). What do these changes entail for vulnerable citizens, for non vulnerable citizens and for paid professionals, such as social workers?

At the University of Humanistic Studies she participates in the research projects on ' Dignity' and 'Experiencing Dependence' .

Selection of publications

- M. Trappenburg, Helpen als ambacht. Over arbeidsdeling in de participatiemaatschappij, oratie 2016. 

- Bredewold, F., E. Tonkens & M. Trappenburg (2016), Solidarity and Reciprocity Between People With and Without Disabilities, Journal of Community & Applied Social Psychology, 26(6): 534-550. 

- Schillemans, T.H., H. v.d. Bovenkamp, M. Trappenburg (2016), From “Major Decisions” to “Everyday Life”: Direct Accountability to Clients, in: P. Mattei (ed.),  Public Accountability and Health Care Governance,165-192

- Bredewold, F., E. Tonkens & M. Trappenburg (2015),  Urban Encounters Limited: the Importance of Built-in Boundaries in Contacts between People with Intellectual or Psychiatric Disabilities and their Neighbours, Urban Studies, 53(16); 3371-3387.
- Trappenburg, M. (2013), Active Solidarity and Its Discontents,  Health Care Analysis, 23 (3): 207-220

selection of publications

Ancillary activities

Trappenburg is a member of the advisory council of Zorgverzekeraars Nederland (an umbrella organization for health insurers).