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Prof. dr. Anja Machielse

Anja Machielse

Hoogleraar Humanisme en Sociale Weerbaarheid
Bijzonder hoogleraar Empowerment van Ouderen


030-2390 189

English biography

Anja Machielse is a philosopher and social scientist. Important themes in her work are social isolation and loneliness, social resilience, existential problems and meaning in life. Her starting point is the social embeddedness of human beings. The focus in her work is on the significance of social relationships, both for personal life and for the wider community. The tension between individual autonomy and the demands of the social environment is central to this.
In her research into older adults, the emphasis is on 'empowerment' and the promoting of social recognition: what do people need to age meaningfully, and how can the social inclusion of older people in society be endorsed? Furthermore, she researches the effectiveness of policies and social interventions and the possibilities and limits of voluntary commitment.

Ancillary activities

  • Wetenschappelijke Adviescommissie 'Een tegen eenzaamheid', ministerie van VWS
  • Expertpanel Fonds voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (FWO), Vlaanderen 
  • Begeleidingscommissie Social Trials, ZonMW
  • Adviescommissie Effectieve Sociale Interventies, Movisie
  • Taskforce Kwalitatief Evaluatieonderzoek, Movisie
  • Benoemingscommissie Humanistisch Verbond
  • Raad van Toezicht en Voorzitter Commissie Kwaliteit & Veiligheid Avoord