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Worldview and meaning and purpose in life and psychiatry

Chair group

Humanist chaplaincy studies for a plural society 

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Prof. dr. Arjan Braam , Endowed professor of worldview / religion and psychiatry (KSGV chair)

Short introduction into the research field

ChairHumanist Chaplaincy studies for a Plural Society
Supervisors Prof. dr. Arjan Braam

Field of Research:    Worldview and meaning and purpose in life and psychiatry

Existential questions such as about meaning in life, and also those that relate to spirituality or religion, may be prominent and compelling in times of mental distress and mental disorders. They may accompany stressful situations that may act as risk factors for mental disorders. They may also closely align periods of mental illness and mental health treatment. Generally, matters of meaning in life or spirituality do not receive attention as a regular part of mental health care interventions. However, they deserve attention from the perspective of personalized treatment, from a multidisciplinary perspective.

General research questions include:

How are existential questions, such as about meaning and purpose in life, associated with the course of symptoms of psychopathology over time or with stages of treatment and recovery?

How can care-needs be addressed among patients with a vulnerability to psychiatric symptoms and disorders with respect to religion, spirituality and existential questions? Which vocabulary do we need?

Examples of research questions

Questions can be addressed at several levels:

- Phenomenology and measurement

- Specific groups (psychosis, anorexia) or treatment stages (recovery, general practitioner mental health care support)

- Collaborative care; guideline or best-practice development or evaluation

Place for:

Currently, there is no place but I am open for exploration of future possibilities

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Supervised by professor Arjan Braam.