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Leadership ethics and humanization of society - place for one external PhD candidate

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Prof. dr. Patrick Nullens, professor of leadership ethics and humanization of society


Chair Education
Supervisors Prof. dr. Patrick Nullens

Field of Research: Leadership ethics and humanization of society

The urgent need for systemic transition requires moral leadership that contributes to a more humane and sustainable society. In recent decades there has been a greater focus on leadership ethics and the moral formation of leaders. Our research trajectory is at the intersection of humanizing society, sustainable development, leadership spirituality, and responsible leadership. There are five areas of research with special attention to humanistic resources (philosophy, religion, spirituality, humanities): 

1. leadership focused on human flourishing and the new economy

2. authentic responsible leadership and ethical deliberation in a complex context (moral compass) 

3. leadership as wisdom and the importance of meaning (leadership spirituality)

4.  leadership formation for a new future (young and executive).

Examples of research questions

• What are possible tools for leaders to reflect on socio-ethical issues, and how can this help them develop vision, strategy and transition management?

• Research on moral standards and methods of new governance (executive and non- executive) of (ESG) profit organizations? 

• A critical engagement with … (philosopher) in the context of quest for responsible authentic leadership.

• Research on the so-called soft values or virtues such as respect, trust, compassion, love, hope, fairness, searching for meaning?

• How does humanism, spirituality, the search for meaning and the development of professional virtues contribute to leadership ethics?

Place for:

1 external PhD candidate

Research can be philosophical and socio-empirical in character. 

Contact and information
The PhD research falls under the chair of Leadership Ethics and Humanization of Society, funded by the Goldschmeding Foundation for People, Work and the Economy.  In a society that is mainly focused on efficiency, profit maximization, pragmatic solutions and short-term success, this chair aims to contribute to an alternative leadership model and the development of a people-oriented organizational culture and sustainable economy. The focus of the research is on the development of an alternative leadership model, for the benefit of a people-oriented organizational culture and the new economy.  Our leadership models are often still based on outdated economic paradigms aimed at short-term growth, efficiency and profit maximization. Ethics in this case is reduced to a kind of moralistic border guard, just a bit stricter than the legal frameworks. Ethics must be at the core of leadership. Only then will we achieve a humane and sustainable society.

Supervised by professor Patrick Nullens.