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End of Life, Bereavement & Informal Care - Place for two external PhD students


Prof Anne Goossensen

ChairInformal Care & Care Ethics
Supervisors Prof. dr. Anne Goossensen

Field of Research:  Compassion, Care Ethics & Informal Care

Many existential questions did arise during the COVID-19 pandemic. These are related to death and dying, bereavement and dignity. Communities were challenged in their ways to generate compassion and resilience.  

Central topics for future PhD projects will focus on volunteering, compassionate communities, palliative care settings, new developments in care for people with grief through bereavement. 

More specifically: informal care, listening, being there, presence, existential loneliness, rituals, bereavement, dignity.

Research designs are often qualitative: phenomenological or ethnographic, using methods as in depth interviewing, shadowing, touch point methodology, appreciative inquiry or analysis of ego documents. 

Research projects can be executed in different care sectors, such as: palliative care, bereavement care, mental health care, elderly care or hospital care.

Examples of research questions

- What is the role of symbolization in processes of grief after bereavement?

- How to evaluate and improve compassion in a compassionate community project? 

- How can listening intelligence be assessed and improved within a palliative care setting?

- What is the value of dignity therapy for individuals that experience grief after bereavement?

- What are elements of ritualization in the work of celebrants that foster transition in bereaved people?

Place for:

2 external PhD students

Contact and information

Supervised by professor Anne Goossensen.