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Ruud Meij in live conversation with Ukraine every Thursday evening

Video still van Ruud Meij in gesprek met collega in Lviv

7 April 2022

Philosopher and former teacher Ruud Meij has online conversations with Ukrainian colleagues in Lviv. You are welcome to join!

Philosopher Ruud Meij (recently retired as assistant professor at the University for Humanistics) has been working closely with colleagues at the Catholic University in Lviv since 2007.  In February, he had already taken the initiative to hold talks with lecturers and others involved about the threatening situation and backgrounds in Ukraine. The series took a new turn with the invasion of the country.

Via the weblog Don’t give up Ukraine Ruud Meij provides podcasts and keeps in touch with Lviv. He also organises conversations via a livestream on Thursday evenings.

If you want to participate in the Zoom talks, you can send Ruud an email: You can also watch the YouTube channel.

Previous conversations

Yaroslav Hrytsak

Thursday 24 February, Ruud Meij spoke with Yaroslav Hrytsak, historian and lecturer at the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv. Yaroslav (62) has experienced, as he says, half of his life Ukraine as part of the Soviet Union and half of his life as an independent country. He has been teaching for years at universities at home and abroad, is director of the Institute for Historical Studies at the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv and a publicist.

Ruud talked to him about the current situation. Yaroslav also gives his view on the historical context. "Ukraine is the Palestine of Europe: a relatively small area whose conflict has a large scope."

Watch the interview via YouTube.

Bogdan Pankevych

On Thursday 3 March, Ruud spoke with Bogdan Pankevych, former Dutch consul in Lviv and active for the Ukrainian Galician Party. The talk is entitled Thirty Years of Hope
Watch the interview via YouTube.

Orysya Bila

Orysya Bila is a philosopher at Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv, she is a feminist thinker and has studied ethics in public organizations. The talk is entitled Philosophers to End the War.
Watch the interview of 10 March via YouTube.

Mikael Storsjö

"We are all guilty of the war in Ukraine" - a conversation with Mikael Storsjö, a Finnish IT entrepreneur, journalist and non-governmental activist. 

Watch the interview of 17 March via YouTube.

Vittorio Hösle and Yaroslav Hrytsak

“Ukraine and the future of Europe” - a conversation with Vittorio Hösle (philosopher and Paul G. Kimball Professor of Arts and Letters at the University of Notre Dame) and Yaroslav Hrytsak (Doctor of Historical Sciences and professor at the Ukrianian Catholic University).
Watch the interview of 31 March via YouTube.

Sylvia Borren and Oksana Kis

On Thursday 7 April, the topic was “Women and (the) war”, a  conversation with Sylvia Borren (former director of Oxfam Novib Netherlands and Greenpeace Netherlands) and Oksana Kis (historian and feminist anthropologist).
Watch the interview of 7 April via YouTube.

Philosopher and (former) teacher Ruud Meij has online conversations with Ukrainian colleagues in Lviv. You are welcome to join! On Thursday 7 April a conversation is planned with Sylvia Borren and Oksana Kis: Women and the war