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Information evening Graduate School January 25th 2022

The Graduate School offers a PhD program for researchers and professionals who wish to focus on the meaning and further in-depth exploration of their profession. Current participants have a professional background in healthcare, education, social work, or non-profit organizations. Some of them work as profit managers of non-profit organizations, consultants of HRM professionals. 


On January 25th, 2022, we will organize an online information evening to help you get acquainted with our Ph.D. program and research.  We will offer you an overview of the program topics taught and discuss the admission requirements and enrollment procedure for the upcoming academic year 2022.  After that, we will share with you the experiences of lecturers and participants of the program and hold a Q&A session. 

Program (19.30 - 20.30 hrs)

Introduction by the director of the Graduate School, prof. dr. Evelien Tonkens

Introduction by prof. dr. Gaby Jacobs

Introduction to the program,  dr. Caroline Suransky

PhD student experiences


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On Tuesday evening, January 25th 2022, we invite you to join an online information meeting where you can get acquainted with our Graduate School program and research.