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Events in juni 2024

Utrecht Canal Pride

1 June 2024

Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (HKU) and the University of Humanistic Studies (UvH) will sail in one boat at this year's annual Utrecht Canal Pride on 1 June.

Workshop Educational Encounters with Latour's Philosophy of the Earth

3 June 2024

This full day workshop entitled Educational Encounters with Latour's Philosophy of the Earth is organised by S-Composition in cooperation with the University of Humanistic Studies.The French...

Final conference Woke and Resistance Project

7 June 2024

Why is my curriculum so white?    National closing conference project Woke and Resistance, with Prof. Gloria Wekker Increasingly, 'wokeness' plays a controversial role in scientific and...

Defence PhD thesis Jolanda van Dijke

10 June 2024

Jolanda van Dijke defends her PhD thesis Receptive Empathy- The role of empathy in good care from a care ethics and a humanist chaplaincy perspective.SummaryThis thesis explores empathy’s potential contribution to...

Workshop on public writing with Sheila Sitalsing

17 June 2024

Honorary doctor Sheila Sitalsing will give a workshop on writing for the public to PhD students at the University of Humanistic Studies. This workshop will focus on how to contribute to the public debate as a...