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Dr. Abdelilah Ljamai

Abdelilah Ljamai



Teaching Experience:
1995-2000    : Research Assistant, University of Tilburg, Medieval and Early Modern Iberia.
1995-2005    : University Lecturer, the Holland Academy, Diemen, Alienation in the contemporary encounter of Western culture and Islam, anthropology of religion and Islamic psychology.
2002-2005    : University Lecturer and researcher, University of Tilburg, Islamic movement in the West, Legislative history of the Qu’ran.
2006             : University Lecturer, Radboud University, Nijmegen, Spirituality of Islam.
2006-2008    : University Lecturer, University of Utrecht, Master’s in World Religions in Dialogue and Confrontation.
2009             : University Lecturer, the Erasmus Academy, Brussels,  Anthropology of religion.
Since 2010   : Associate professor, Utrecht University: University of Humanistic Studies Utrecht, The Netherlands,  Humanism and Islam, Methodology, Resilience.