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EDIC+ module: Teachers' Moral Competence in Pedagogical Encounters

 University of Helsinki

Module content

In this module our objective will be to examine teachers’ moral competence in pedagogical encounters. The module will draw on Finnish research-based teacher education which aims to educate autonomous and professional teachers who support their pupils’ holistic growth into democratic citizenship and intercultural communication. In Finland teaching has a strong moral dimension and teachers are understood as moral professionals. Thus, in this module students will learn to cultivate their moral competence by participating in various ideological, pedagogical and intercultural negotiations. 

In this module students will learn about moral professionalism in teaching and holistic school pedagogy. They will identify and solve moral dilemmas in schools and cultivate their ethical and intercultural sensitivity by comparing their views with European and global studies. They will learn how implicit theories about intelligence affect teaching and learning, and practice feedback styles which have been found to significantly improve learning. They will also study how to support pupils’ purpose in life, since today, a general lack of purpose is associated with the stress that people are experiencing and apathy in the young. 


The next course is held in March 8 - 18th 2022. The course includes a pretask that is a prerequisite for the course participation (more information after enrolment).

Enrolment is open: from December 1st, 2021 to January 9th, 2022

The course is arranged as face-to-face teaching at the University of Helsinki, no distance teaching provided. If the University of Helsinki entails distance teaching the whole course is taught online, no hybrid option is provided. 

Students can get 5 or 7,5 ECTS depending on the kind of examination they choose. 

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