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EDIC+ module: Educational Policy and Citizenship in Education

Tallinn University

Module content

This module is practice-oriented with a strong supporting theoretical framework. It aims to create opportunities for understanding, analyzing and assessing the impact of the context and trends of educational policy of the European Union on local educational system as well as assessing the impact of educational policy on a specific educational institution. It is important for students to understand their own role and opportunities as leaders for shaping and implementing educational policy at different levels of the educational system.


The module is held from November 1st until December 14th 2019. During the module students analyze international comparative reports and current educational policy topics and evaluate the impact of policy issues on educational institutions. Special focus is on the analysis of policy design processes and how interest groups are involved. A very important part of the independent work is an interview with an active shaper of educational policy outside of the formal educational system (NGOs, public authorities, politicians etc). To support proactivity of the future leaders, short videos are created by students. Current problems in education are highlighted and possible solutions are proposed. Successful completion of this module will be rewarded with 6 ECTS.


For more information, please contact:

Prof Eve Eisenschmidt 

Reet Sillavee