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Introduction EDIC+

Education plays a central role in preparing youngsters for a democratic society, for active participation and greater social justice and tolerance in all domains of society. Given this important task for education, it is necessary to train a new generation of educational professionals that can contribute to this development.

The University of Humanistic Studies participates in an Erasmus Strategic Partnership on education and intercultural citizenship for Master- and PhD-students from all over Europe. The programme is called ‘Education for Democratic Intercultural Citizenship Education’ (EDIC+). EDIC+ is a collaboration of the University of Barcelona, Bath-Spa University, the University of Helsinki, Charles University Prague, the University of Tallinn, Aristotle University Thessaloniki and the University of Humanistic Studies Utrecht. The programme is coordinated by dr. Isolde de Groot from the University of Humanistic Studies (

The main focus of this international educational programme is to establish a platform for young educators and researchers from different parts of Europe to work and learn together, to have international experiences, to create opportunities to publish and to contribute to each other’s projects for educational change.

Edic + modules at participating universities

Each university has developed its own module, in the area of its own expertise on moral and citizenship education. The following EDIC+ modules are offered and available for Master and PhD students in one of the participating universities, specialising in education:

University of Helsinki (Finland) (2022)

Teachers’ Moral Competence in Pedagogical Encounters

Tampere University (Finland) (Spring 2021) 

Inclusive Education (information follows)

Tallinn University (Estonia) (November - December 2020)

Educational Policy and Citizenship Education

Bath Spa University (UK) (Spring 2022)

Social and Educational Inclusion in Schools and their Communities

University of Humanistic Studies, Utrecht (The Netherlands) (September - October 2021)

Theory and Practice of Citizenship Education: Teaching Democracy and Tolerance

University of Barcelona (Spain) (April - May 2021)

Ethical Competences for Democratic Citizenship at School and in Families

Charles University, Prague (Czech Republic) (Spring 2021)

Theater of the Oppressed and Educational Activities in Civil Society

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece) (Spring 2022)

Multicultural/Intercultural Education

How do I apply

If you are a MA or PhD student from one of the partner universities, you can contact the coordinator of the module at hand for more details on how to apply. If you are enrolled at another university, you can also apply when your university has an Erasmus agreement with the university of your choice.

More information about the modules can also be found in Veugelers, W. (2019). Education for democratic intercultural citizenship. Leiden; Boston: Brill Sense. Available at: