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Higher education again without corona restrictions

15 September 2021

Last night, the Prime Minister announced that higher education will be allowed to open again without corona restrictions. For our university not much will change, because most education could already take place at the UvH. Nevertheless, there are a number of changes as of Monday 27 September:

  • The capacity restriction of 75 students for room 1.40 will be lifted
    From that moment on, room 1.40 will again accommodate a maximum of 110 people. The lectures in this room will still be streamed and recorded, at least in period 1.
    The lectures for the premasters will remain entirely online, as the bachelor and premaster groups together are too large for the room. 
  • There is no longer a maximum number of people allowed in the canteen
  • The mouth mask obligation in the building will disappear

Do keep on testing yourself twice a week as a preventive measure with a self-test (while stocks last, you can pick it up for free at the reception, but you can also easily order it online) and for those who haven't done so yet, get vaccinated!

Higher education is allowed to open again without corona restrictions. For our university, there are some changes from Monday 27 September.