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Covid measures extended until February 8, online education at least until February 26

January 13, 2021

The university will remain closed until at least February 26. 

On Tuesday, January 12, the government announced that the current measures to combat Covid -the lockdown- will be extended by three weeks until February 8. Education in Period 3 starts on February 1, the day the government will again announce new measures. This makes scheduling online or physical education for the following weeks difficult. The crisis team of the UvH has therefore decided to extend the measures for physical education, including the labs, until February 26. This choice is motivated by the desire to provide clarity to students and staff, and to avoid fragmentation and unequal arrangements.

For education, this means that all teaching will be online until at least February 26. However, if the measures as of February 8 warrant it, possibilities for students to come and study in our university building will be considered from that date. 

For employees, this means that the building will remain closed to all employees through February 26. The only exception is for employees who can only physically perform their work in the building.

Due to new Covid measures, the university will remain closed until at least February 26.