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All education will be offered online for the rest of this academic year

All education (including exams) will be offered online for the rest of this academic year. There will be no more physical education in period 3 and in period 4. This choice is in line with the more stringent measures announced by our government on 23 March, which apply at least until 1 June 2020. With this decision, we are also following the line taken by the majority of the universities. This also announces that all meetings and events will be cancelled until 1 June.

We realise that this is a far-reaching decision. The transition to online education requires a great deal of adaptability and a great deal of effort on everyone's part. We do not want to burden (PhD) students and lecturers even more with new changes in the short term. That is why we want to create clarity and tranquillity with this decision.

The decision also has consequences for matters that are a little further removed from education. For example, the information events for future students will also have to take place online. 

For promotions, there will be an online PhD on March 31; depending on the evaluation of that PhD, there will be a new guideline for the promotions that are planned for the remaining duration of the academic year.

Our building is closed until 17 August. All education (including exams) will be offered remotely for the rest of this academic year.