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In addition to our many written articles, papers and blogs we would like to present you our podcasts. These are audiofiles (MP3) that you can download to your computer or MP3-player and listen at any moment you please. We would love to hear your comments so make sure to contact us.

Cultural Pluralism and Biodiversity. Rethinking Sustainable Development

In this podcast series we explore different approaches to questions of pluralism and sustainable development. In this video the different parts of the podcast will be briefly introduced by the speakers.


AudioPart 1: Dr. Caroline Suransky, director Kosmopolis Institute, on the Pluralism Knowledge Program, the relation between pluralism and sustainable development, a seminar we held in Uganda, concerning the Mountains of the Moon.


AudioPart 2: Prof.dr. Henk Manschot, senior fellow Kosmopolis Institute, on the work of French philosopher Bruno Latour, which proves to be very relevant for the discussion on pluralism and sustainable development.


AudioPart 3: Prof.dr. Guido Ruivenkamp, University for Humanistic Studies & Wageningen University, on biotechnology and agriculture in a culturally and biologically diverse world.


Click on the links to stream them or click the right mouse button and choose "save" to download the podcast.



Hoe kan ik duurzaam leven? (in Dutch)

Henk Manschot verzorgde eerder deze podcast over onze band met de natuur, Nietzsche en planetair denken. Te vinden op deze site.