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Kosmopolis Institute Publications Day 8: The Real Stuff

Day 8: The Real Stuff

I honestly enjoy it when we are all together, whether we are eating in the kitchen or at the restaurant or at the Institute (where others literally live!). I honestly had no idea that the winter school would be anything like it is now. I am challenged beyond my own knowledge, character and opinion about issues that are of a personal, local and international interest, and I absolutely love it!!!

At first, and I guess maybe until now, I have been enclosed in my own little shell because I am an introvert by nature, but because of my love for people I am breaking out of it. So, let us get to the REAL stuff!

We have quiet a plethora of personalities in the team, which makes things very exciting for me. We have the “I will be as Frank as I possibly can” individuals in the group, the humble/quiet but also intelligent individuals, the “I will sometimes say or do something very random when you are least expecting” individuals, the “ I wish you could open up more” individuals, the inquisitive and secretive individuals, and I must say that we make the world’s best tasting and looking fruit salad! YAY!!!

Today we spoke about sustainable development or rather the human - nature relationship. Some of us are quite sceptical about this relationship while others have the hope that we can and will make it work, we must just not give up on it or ourselves. Those who were sceptical about this relationship stated that homo sapiens themselves are responsible for their destruction, we might as well go down in style while in the process of self-destruction. I believe that as human beings we have, to a significant extent, compromised and sacrificed our relationship with nature. We have lost the respect, but most importantly, the inherent love we had and should ALWAYS have for nature. And in return nature has, in my opinion lost a bit of its trust in human beings and maybe the only way that it can respond is by making us suffer these natural disasters. However, not all is lost. We can still salvage our relationship, it will, however, take a serious change in our heart set and mindset. There is still hope and at the end of the day that is all we have....hope.

I am, above everything, looking forward to building life-long friendships. Everyone is unique and special to my heart in their own way and I love you all dearly!!!

See you again on 21 July 2011- the date of my next blog...snuggle tight.

Glancina Mokone