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Kosmopolis Institute Publications Day 14: Heritage

Day 14: Heritage

South Africa, the rainbow country is dry but too cold as it is winter season. The Winter school has been running for two weeks now and we have had all our excursions to the Women’s Monument, the Townships, Soweto (Mandela’s House, Pieterson Museum), Constitutional Hill, the Apartheid Museum, Freedom Park (Pretoria) and the Voorttrekker Museum.

In all these tours I noticed that black Africans live in townships with no gardens and I wondered where the food they eat comes from. The answer would be “from super markets”. But where would the money to buy the food come from? Jobs!!!!! Which jobs? White color jobs? Casual labour? The questions will be many and may not have straight forward answers. However, I later came to learn that the country boasts of having a large number of people in the middle class which is an indicator of a developed country!!!!

So inspiring is the preservation of the country’s heritage. The most interesting is the Freedom Park in Pretoria (Tshwane). In my opinion the struggle for liberation is not a South African issue and the Freedom Park brings it out clearly. All people who participated in the SA liberation struggles are represented including people from other countries as well. The philosophy of Ubuntu is expressed in idioms very well in different languages including my mother tongue Rukiiga (Uganda). I wonder who this good Mukiiga was who translated the philosophy into Rukiiga: “Omuntu nomuntu ahabwabantu” (a person is only a person because of people).

All structures at the freedom park were in circular form and built out of stone. Our good guide Jacob reminded us of African wisdom: “We believe in circle and not squares”. It is a continuation of things and so we went for a spiritual blessing around the sanctuary and prayed for blessings from the African ancestral spirits. And a prayer is a good way to sum up everything. God bless the Winter School on Pluralism and Development, God bless South Africa.

Evarist Ngabirano