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Kosmopolis Institute Publications Day 11: Voices of the day

Day 11: Voices of the day

On this day we had a guest lecture session from The Patna Collective. As part of their presentation, they shared with us clips from a film- Ship of Theseus, a story of Bichu and a film on Sufism. Space was given for reflection and sharing. During the interaction, there were voices that I took note of. These voices as presented below can be opinions, experiences, statements or otherwise and constitute my sharing for the day.

“Learning to win an argument from both sides”


“Faith as a resource”


“Came to realize that struggles and aspirations are not essentially normative, but very rational! They could be influenced by very small negotiations of power happening at local level”


“Should states defend our religion or our civic rights?”


“Do you think there is a wrong faith?”


“I am the same everywhere, only my name differs!”

“No one achieves true religion by normally taking another religion. One has to perform the religious practices”


“People convert to different faiths for different reasons”


“You stole my sheep! Oh sorry, we did not steal your sheep but just provide greener grass for them…an explanation for conversion within Christianity!”


“At times we need to move from dogmatic part to address common concerns as humans!”


“Its not that there are answers to issues of pluralism and identity, but how people are trying to work around a problem that is a stumbling block to everyday life”


“The caste barrier has to be broken to see the world as it is. Otherwise, he will be like a frog in a well” 


“How do we make sense of the different sufi practices and how do these relate to the norm?”


Ronald Mulyanti Kitanda is a development facilitator from Uganda and works for ‘Bread for the World’ a Protestant Development Service. Also he is a team leader and development worker with a consultancy firm called Process Consultants.