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Kosmopolis Institute Publications Day 10: Identity and social media

Day 10: Identity and social media

After 2 days of rigorous classes we had a day of no formal classes and it was a day to work on our projects were we had to meet with our individual groups and with the respective group supervisor. The group which is working on Pluralism effect finished their meeting with their supervisor early morning so they had the whole day for their own stuff. The rest other two groups met in the evening to discuss their progress on the theme of Identity and Sustainable Development.

Our group which is working on the theme of identity had a thorough discussion about all the dimensions of the topic. Every group member has a different take on identity though broadly we are connecting with each other in many issues.

Personally I’m looking into the transition from traditional notions of identity to the contemporary times. I believe the coming of information communication technology has created the whole frame of identity representation to shift. We have seen so many innovations the last two decades giving people new ways and platform to represent themselves and raise their voice. Currently people are living life not at face value but at interface value and are therefore becoming multiple and different compared to previous times. Traditionally common people did not had any platform for their representation but now as the society is becoming more media driven they are getting alternative ways to express themselves, which was not possible in the early times because the mainstream media just used to cover the major newsmakers but overlooked the issues of common individuals. But every new tool has its own pros and cons, whenever some new thing reaches the hands of the masses it has its own implication.

In the group work I will look into how youth represent themselves and this has created new identities that are different from traditional structures and definitions. I will also account for the major factors contributing to this transformation. One of these factors is I believe the way youth and their community engage with the virtual space of Social Media. This is a completely new phenomenon which came with the advent of ICT and while the traditional Media never provided an opportunity for personal expression on a broad platform, the individual not has a way to represent himself in a mainstream media. I observe these developments as very positive on one hand but I think it is also worth looking into the repercussions of Facebook on the Identity of youth and community.

Syed Mohd. Hasnain Rizvi is an M.Phil student in International Studies from Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. His interests lie with communication and mass media. Currently he is looking into how various media portray political standpoints, the question of dominant languages in India and the way identity is portrayed.