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Graduate School

The Graduate School of the University for Humanistics (UvH) is a four-year PhD program that combines course work and individual research, resulting in a PhD thesis. The program’s main focus is on supporting multidisciplinary research in and about professional practices. This orientation makes the Graduate School ideal for professionals with several years’ work experience who aspire to personal and professional development through academic research. The Graduate School program is concerned with contemporary social, ethical and ideological issues in society and in organisations in which the candidates work. These issues can be closely related to topics researched in Kosmopolis Institute. Therefore, it is possible to combine a dissertation with academic support from Kosmopolis Institute.

At the moment, Kosmopolis Institute and the Pluralism Knowledge Program support four PhD students who are associated with foreign institutional partners. You can read more about them and their subjects in their approved research proposals.
PDF filePhD Proposal Ayu
PDF filePhD Proposal Elizabeth Thomas
PDF filePhD Proposal Jimmy Sstentongo
PDF filePhD Proposal Khalid

Furthermore, Kosmopolis featured in the fourth week of the Graduate School in 2010 and contributes to the course work of the program. For more information, download the PDF fileworkbook of this fourth week.

During the most recent course work week, Prof. Henk Manschot, Senior Fellow of Kosmopolis, gave a lecture titled PDF fileHow the Modern Human Being appropriated Nature: a critical ecological perspective on Modernity’s distinction between Nature – Culture, a reflection particularly inspired by indigenous cultures.

Download the general flyer about the Graduate School PDF filehere.